Dr. Tano's Books

Dr. Tano has published some remarkable books on the topics of hormone imbalance, allergies, and integrative medicine. Read below to find out how his books can help you. For more information, call us. 

Conditions like obesity and allergies are health concerns that many people have learned to deal with, taking medications in an attempt to improve their own condition without really understanding the underlying cause of the issue. Both rampant obesity and seasonal allergies are products of the late 20th and early 21st century. Prior to 1950, obesity and allergies affected only a small minority of people. In the last sixty years, the number of people affected by these conditions has ballooned. Why is this? 

Doctors and researchers all over the world have been desperately searching for a cure for both of these problems and in the process have uncovered some interesting facts about the modern diet, lifestyle, and treatment methods that may explain why both allergies and obesity have become such giant epidemics over the last two generations. 

Especially when it comes to diabetes, most people assume that an obese person has become obese simply because they chose to eat (and continue eating) unhealthy calorie amounts. And while that may be foundationally true, there are much deeper, underlying causes that both compel a person to overeat and make it more difficult for an individual to lose weight or to not gain it. Most doctors still treat their obese patients as if obesity is entirely a choice and not like the disease it is, with real complications and real triggers, ranging from the kinds of pesticides used on farms to mental illnesses caused by social influences. 

Dr. Tano's books delve into how both allergies and obesity are treated in the modern medical world and why the treatment methods currently utilized for both do not work. He then offers real solutions, based on medical science that can help to reset a person's body, so that it functions how it was once intended to. 

When it comes to books about common health problems and offering solutions to these problems, you will usually see health professionals trying to capitalize on fad diets or trends. These books do not fall into that category. Instead, they endeavor to provide real solutions to patients who are battling serious conditions, whether it be allergies or obesity. 

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